breaker installation in Grand Prairie, TX

Circuit Breaker FAQs

Circuit breakers are in essential part of every homeowner’s electrical system. These devices allow homes to function and allow homeowners to perform essential tasks that need to be done on a daily basis, including using their kitchen appliances. Circuit breakers make it safe to use these appliances as there would usually be a risk of short circuiting the home without them, which could lead to you not having any electricity. Short circuit and can also lead to other dangerous situation such as fires, electrocution, or explosions.

For these reasons many homes have circuit breakers installed in them but homeowners often have questions about their circuit breakers. Let’s look into some common questions that people have about circuit breakers and get a bit more familiar with these life-saving devices.

What is a circuit breaker?

If this is the first question that you had, don’t feel ashamed. This question is actually very common among homeowners. A circuit breaker protects your home from becoming overloaded with electricity. It stops the electrical slow when there are fluctuations and prevents the circuit overloading. In short, they break the circuit of electricity to keep your home safe.

breaker installation in Grand Prairie, TX

Is a circuit breaker better than fuses?

When it comes to breaker installation in Grand Prairie, TX, you’re going to want a circuit breaker over fuses. The reason for this is because fuses will need maintenance and will need to be replaced after they have been overloaded. Circuit breakers don’t need to be replaced after they have stopped an electrical overload. So even though you’ll be spending more to get a circuit breaker installed, you’ll be saving more in the long run.

If you’re still curious about circuit breakers and how to protect your home in the best way, speak with an electrician in your area for more detail on how to increase your home’s safety.