partial dentures in North Charleston

Partial Dentures; Differences And Purposes

partial dentures in North Charleston

For those completely new to the dental experience, this might have to be explained briefly for now. The partial dentures in North Charleston could have different connotations for different patients. Come, let us explain this to you quickly. Partial dentures could mean that you are only wearing them on a temporary basis. They will eventually be removed permanently. Or a partial denture could imply that you are wearing it to replace just one or two teeth that had to be removed for whatever dental or medical reason.

For those completely new to the dental experience, with or without partial, full or permanent dentures, they may as well get used to the idea of regular visits to the dentist. It is now recommended that under healthy circumstances, the patient should become accustomed to a minimum of just two visits to the dentist in a single year. But this, really, is just a blip.

Partial dentures are fitted for good dental health reasons. Whilst dental work is being done wide of the patient’s teeth and gums, these partial dentures contribute towards preventing bacteria and harmful germs entering the dental and oral area.

Partial dentures are fitted whilst the patient’s permanent dentures are being repaired or made up. They allow the patient to continue with his or her daily activities in as comfortable a manner as possible, with eating and speaking probably being the two main criteria.

The wearing of a denture to replace a single lost tooth or two or three should contribute towards the loss of further teeth. That is also provided that the patient continues to take good care of this denture as well as the rest of his teeth and gums. And that of course does include the regular brushing and flossing.